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Bluehost Review And Discount Coupon

Bluehost Review And Discount Coupon

11/04/2018 Admin

Click on this discount link to purchase Bluehost for $3.95/month whereas the Actual Price of the Hosting Plan is $5.99/month.

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If you are looking for a web hosting company to host your site then BLUEHOST is the right choice because it is one of the top most hosting service.

Bluehost is the highly recommended reliable hosting service by many users.Bluehost is famous for his excellent server performance.

The Top reasons that I recommend Bluehost for a user compared to other web hosting companies are:

·         User friendly

·         Good customer support

·         Awesome server performance

·         Unlimited bandwidth/resources

·         Reasonable pricing

If you are a new blogger or user looking for a shared hosting for your blog/site, though there are many Web hosting companies, you can blindly go for Bluehost Shared Hosting.

Bluehost stands unique because of its excellent server performance. Their servers are very well configured to handle heavy traffic without any downtime.

Bluehost provides unlimited bandwidth and hosting resources. This helps you to host unlimited files and also allows you to use unlimited bandwidth. Though they have limitations and policies set for unlimited usage, I believe the High usage limit is almost equal to unlimited.

It provides a very good 24/7 customer support and they will solve the issue within 30 minutes which is quiet natural. As rightly said “The secret of success depends on the customer support provided by the company”, Bluehost retains the success by their apt supportive team right from the day one.

If you are managing WordPress blog/site, its user friendly and the very simple installation procedure will allow you to install WordPress very quickly without any further assistance. As a blogger, I am sure that you will feel happy for such a simple easy way of installation.

Bluehost comes with three different packages based on customer need.

·         Starter package

·         Plus package

·         Business pro package.

Starter package is for customers who want to host only one website. Started pack comes with 100 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 5 parked domains, 25 sub domains, 100 email accounts with 500 MB per account.

Plus package as the name indicates it is for customers who plans to host multiple sites with many added advantages like unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited parked domains, unlimited sub domains, unlimited email accounts and unlimited email storage.

Business pro package is for customers who need unique IP and SSL along with all the added advantages.

I have used this package for a project called Data Galaxy at my work place, where we maintain all types of economic data. This project had a huge database and I have never faced any downtime while working on it.

I hope this review would have given a clear picture about Bluehost hosting service.
If you have any further queries please feel free to ask via comment section which may help others also in a better way.

Click on this discount link to purchase Bluehost for $3.95/month whereas the Actual Price of the Hosting Plan is $5.99/month.

Sign up for Bluehost (Discounted Link)